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hart has been rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs since 2004. That is 12 years of self-less dedication from our team of volunteers to give 1400+ dogs a chance at a healthy, happy and safe life.

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Foster Plea 

Do you miss summer yet? We do! You know who else misses the more milder temperatures?  All the dogs that we have to leave behind because we don't have enough foster homes to bring them into care...

Winter is cold. Most of us get to put on our heavier coats, grab some gloves and start our cars to ensure that they are warm when we get in them.  The dogs in need in our target community do not have that luxury. They struggle to survive in the winter, the majority of them, not making it through.

Want to make a difference? YOU can change their lives by providing a warm home for them to stay in until we find them a FOREVER home.  Fostering is FREE! All you have to provide is a warm house and LOTS of love ❤️

Can you help us, please??

To learn more about fostering with hart, please go here:



Hi, I'm Cassie and I'm looking for someone special who might want me.



Meet Miss Cassie!

This sweet girl has been in HART's care for 3 years.  She is in DESPERATE need of someone to call her own. She has had a rough go in life and humans are sometimes really scary to her.  She gives a lot of signs when she is stressed like:

  • Avoidance
  • Jumping on you slowly
  • Shaking off
  • Lip licking
  • Lifting her paw

She will go to her kennel if she is too nervous and that is ok.  We are teaching her to walk away when she is stressed.

When Cassie gets to know you, she is so sweet, cuddly and fun!  She loves leashed walks (long line), exploring and enjoying wildlife.  She has learned to offer to jump on things like barrels and big round bales while she surveys her kingdom.  She is now comfortable exploring the pond (not too deep yet!), rocks, sand, gravel and a boat! She loves a good, all over body scratch!

She needs a home with one or two people and no little ones, on an acreage on her own or with a non- pushy dog.  She doesn't really play with other dogs as she would much rather be with her people.

She is very good in her kennel and it should be used in times when she may not be comfortable.  Moving quads and tractors are still exciting to her and someone who will not yell at her or expect too much of her.  She needs to eat her food in her kennel to keep other animals safe from her growls.

Cassie needs a home to recover from all that she has been through.  She has been on a recovery program at K9 Misfits. The new home for Cassie should come and spend some time learning all about her to make her transition easier. 

Are you that special forever home? Please contact hart immediately so that you can meet Cassie and come out and spend some time working with her before you take her home. We want this home to be her last.  She has waited too long…


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