Are you interested in a dog that is not ready for adoption?

Once a dog is cleared for adoption, we will add their profile to the "Dogs Ready For Adoption" category, add the option to select their name from the drop down box of the Adoption Application, and advertise on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  If you do not see the dog's name that you are interested in as a selection from the drop down menu of the application, the dog has not yet been cleared for adoption and you will need to be patient and watch our webiste/social media for the dog to be cleared for adoption.  Please do not submit applications for dogs you are not interested in adopting.  You will be directed to reapply once the dog you are interested in is cleared. We do not accept applications for dogs prior to them being cleared for adoption. Adoptions are not done on a "first-come, first-served" basis, meaning that the first applicant does not have an automatic claim to the dog. Where there are multiple applications for a particular dog, the best match for the dog will always be the primary consideration. Here is a link to our adoption process.

Are you interested in being considered for more than one dog?

Once you have submitted your adoption application, you can send an email to to advise us of any other dogs you are interested in and we will add them to your adoption application or you may add the other dogs to the comment section of the application. Please do not submit multiple adoption applications for different dogs.  


This means that several applications have come in for this particular dog and we have put a hold on new applications while the foster home considers the current applications.  There is no guarantee that these applications will be a match for this dog so please keep checking back to see if the "hold on new applications" is removed from the profile, in which case, means we are still looking for applicants that could be a fit!

Did you know we have more photos on our Facebook page?
Visit our Facebook page to find more photos of our dogs. On our Facebook page you can also read stories about all of our dogs.

Why is our adoption process so long?
A loving, safe and lifelong home is the goal in hart's re-homing efforts. A multi-step adoption process is followed to ensure the best match possible between the needs of the dog and the lifestyle of the potential adopters. Many of hart's adoptable dogs have been rescued from harsh situations and are therefore adopted out as companion animals to be loved and protected for the rest of their lives. The time we take in the adoption process and the fact that we visit each potential adoptive home is unique to our organization.

 Do you have adoption questions?

Please e-mail with any questions.

Note: Our adoption fee is $425. 

Dogs Ready For Adoption

Dogs Not Ready For Adoption