Hi! I'm Apple!

  • Apple
  • Mixed breed
  • 5 years
  • Female

Weight (approx): 80 lbs

Energy: Low - Medium

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

About Me:  Hi! I'm Apple. I'm about 5 years old, have gorgeous blonde locks and am looking for a place to call my forever! Some may describe me as a 'gentle giant', and I'm pretty much the perfect addition to any household (if I do say so myself.)

Good with other doggos? Check.

Good with cats? Check.

Kids? Check.

Crate? Check.

Love my humans? Double check.

Also, I like to eat all of the food that falls on the floor. The doc thinks that I need to lose a few pounds and although that may be hard for me to hear, it's true(:

I am working on it with the help of my foster family but I would love you to keep me on track by keeping the human scraps away from me. Any chance you'd consider making me the apple of your eye???

Behaviour Notes: Apple is a low-medium energy dog. She is a bit overweight so foster home has recommended 2-3 walks a day 30 minutes each, to help her as she loses weight. She gently guards her toys as she has learned how awesome they are, but will give it up and has shown no aggression. Example, playing fetch, she'll bring the ball back, lay on it for a minute before giving it up to be thrown again. She is reported to be okay with children, but we have not seen it. She is good with cats and dogs, though with dogs proper introductions should be done to be absolute sure. She loves pets and cuddles. She is leash trained, crate trained though is good in the house. She has shown no flight risk tendencies, though if allowed she may leave the house or yard more out of curiosity.

Health Notes: Apple was brought into care from a shelter partner. Apple is healthy, tho a little on the heavier side of her ideal weight. Apple is up to date with DACPP, Bordetella, Rabies, is spayed and microchipped.

Think you have found your furever friend?