Hi! I'm Bo

  • Bo
  • Mixed breed
  • 9 years old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 26 lbs

Energy: Low

Children: No

Dogs: Selective

Cats: Unknown

Health Notes: Bo came to hart originally in 2013 and was adopted in 2014. Unfortunately, in 2019 he was returned to hart as his adoptive parent could no longer care for him. Once a hart dog, always a hart dog! When Bo returned to hart he needed updated vaccinations and was put on a diet. Bo has always suffered from anxiety issues and with a veterinary and trainer recommendation Bo started taking Fluoxetine with good results. Bo is up to date on his standard antiparasitics, vaccinations (DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies), microchip and neuter.

Behavior Notes: Bo is a low energy dog who requires a lot of patience, consistency and love. He is considered special needs behaviorally, as he is on Fluoxetine to help him with his high anxiety. Bo's family will need to give him a lot of time to warm up to them, as he is not good with new people or new situations. It does take him a while to get used to people in his life, so adoptive homes need to be accepting of this. He is great in his crate, and it is highly recommended that he has one, so that he can go to it when he is overwhelmed and can chill and be left alone. He can live with other dogs, but much like with humans, he will need time to get used to them. It is recommended that other dogs in the home also be lower energy, calm, and can be respectful of his space and boundaries. He would also do well as an only dog in the home. Bo is muzzle trained, as his high anxiety can cause him to react and bite, if people are not reading his body language properly and push him too far. He loves going on a walk a day, and he would also love to have a backyard to play and run around in. We highly recommend a low traffic home, with no children, due to Bo's anxiety. Once you do the work with this boy, and give him the time he needs, he will gladly cuddle with you, sleep at your feet, and follow you around. Bo is great on leash, but will react if he sees other people or dogs while on a walk. He will also resource guard his crate and toys, and on occasion, his person - but this resource guarding is limited to other dogs. He is fully house trained.

Ideal Home:  Bo would do best in a quiet and calm home where there are no children, and the foot traffic is very low. He needs a home that is patient and understanding, and can read his (very clear) reactions and signs so that they can respect his boundaries. At home he seems like a normal sweet dog, with a touch of grumpiness, but it took time for him to get to this point. Bo does best with routine and no surprises or changes. While Bo is good with his foster home's two dogs, he would love to be the only dog and love to be spoiled. That way he doesn't have to share his toys or treats or crate! If he did go to a home with another dog, that dog would have to be low energy, submissive, and good at reading and appropriately responding to the cues of other dogs.

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