Hi! My name is Cash!

  • Cash
  • Mixed breed
  • 5 months old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 30 lbs (and growing)

Energy: high (I'm still a puppy)

Children: Good with supervision

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

About Me: Coming Soon!

Health Notes: Coming Soon!

Behavior Notes: Cash is a high energy puppy who loves his people, to cuddle and to play! He is great with cats and other dogs and while he is good with kids, he is still a puppy so needs to learn boundaries with children. As most puppies are, he is mouthy and does chew on things not meant to be chewed on when left alone. He does not like being left alone for long periods of time, and can become destructive, so crate training is recommended. If crating is not an option, he should be kept in a confined space where he can't get into anything. Giving him items to keep him occupied will help a lot, too! He loves to play and to get exercise and this helps with burning some of his puppy energy. He will need your help with leash training. This little boy is very vocal and will bark when he wants attention. When you are giving him the attention he wants, he makes cute little noises that will likely make your heart melt. He gets excited over most things, but will settle down and will cuddle with his people or lay down while you watch a movie together. He would do well in a house with another dog to keep him company, especially if he has to be left alone for long periods of time. He is house trained, but still being a puppy, the odd accident should still be expected.

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