hello! I'm Cassie

  • Cassie
  • Mixed breed
  • 8 years
  • Female

hart Plus.png    I'm a hart+ dog! For information about the hart+ program, please review the hart+ adoption process.

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Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Medium

Children: Limited exposure so older kids would be better in understanding her needs

Other Dogs: Good, but would do best as an only dog

Cats: Although Cassie can get along with cats, due to her prey drive, cats are not recommended.

About Me: Meet Miss Cassie!

This sweet girl has been in hart's care for over 4 years. She is in DESPERATE need of someone to call her own. She has had a rough go in life and humans are sometimes really scary to her. She gives a lot of signs when she is stressed like:

  • Avoidance
  • Jumping on you slowly
  • Shaking off
  • Lip licking
  • Lifting her paw

She will go to her kennel if she is too nervous and that is ok. We are teaching her to walk away when she is stressed.

When Cassie gets to know you, she is so sweet, cuddly and fun! She loves leashed walks (long line), exploring and enjoying wildlife. She has learned to offer to jump on things like barrels and big round bales while she surveys her kingdom. She is now comfortable exploring the pond (not too deep yet!), rocks, sand, gravel and a boat! She loves a good, all over body scratch!

She needs a home with one or two people and no little ones, on an acreage on her own or with a non- pushy dog. She doesn't really play with other dogs as she would much rather be with her people.

She is very good in her kennel and it should be used in times when she may not be comfortable. Moving quads and tractors are still exciting to her and she needs an owner who will not yell at her or expect too much of her. She needs to eat her food in her kennel to keep other animals safe from her growls.

Cassie needs a home to recover from all that she has been through. She has been on a recovery program at K9 Misfits. The new home for Cassie should come and spend some time learning all about her to make her transition easier. 

Are you that special forever home? Please contact hart so that you can meet Cassie and come out and spend some time working with her before you take her home! We want this home to be her last. She has waited too long…

Behaviour Notes:  I'm a hart+ dog! For information about the hart+ program, please review the hart+ adoption process.

Cassie has a strong aversion to vehicles and becomes very anxious around them, so minimal car rides and passing traffic is necessary for her to feel safe and happy. Cassie is highly motivated by handler praise and is very eager to please. She is extremely intelligent and very sensitive to people's body language and energy. This means that she can become nervous and timid in unfamiliar situations, and there is increased potential for her to become startled and overwhelmed. As such, Cassie requires a calm, strong, and sympathetic owner who can continually help build her confidence and keep her anxiety in check.

Health Notes:  Cassie was surrendered to hart due to severe damage to her tail. Her tail was a sight and was causing her so much pain. In fact, part of her tail actually broke off before she could visit a vet. The rest of her tail was surgically removed. Once she recovered from that she developed a wart on her neck that came back from testing as benign but may return in future. Cassie has had a difficult time putting weight on, and so we did a blood and thyroid panel, which turned up nothing out of the ordinary aside from a parasite load for which she was dewormed again. Cassie has since put on some weight and muscle mass. Aside from a short tail, which wags vigorously, we do not anticipate that Cassie will have any issues related to her tail amputation in future. Cassie is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.  

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