Hello! I'm Ciera!

  • Ciera
  • Mixed breed
  • 8 months old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 41 lbs

Energy: High

Children: Unknown

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

About Me: Hi everybody!! My name is Ciera and I am an adorable little girl. I was rescued by hart in March this year and since then I have been very happy and healthy. I am up to date with my shots (that's when you get a bunch of needles!!) and I was even "microchipped" (that's when if you get lost, you can get found!!) and even "spayed" (that's when you get fixed and can focus on your career instead of babies!!). Now I am learning some simple commands like "sit" and "stay" and I am even learning how to hang out in my crate. I am also working on "house-training" (that's when you get to do all of your business outside!!). I am a very curious girl and I love to meet new people and new dog friends. I don't think I would like cats 'cause they say I could have a high "prey-drive" (that's when you chase small animals that you shouldn't!). I like to chew on toys and bones cause I am a little "mouthy" (that's when I think it's okay to chew on people hands!!) and I love "snuggling" and "playing" and "having fun" with my people (that's how you get loved!!). Anyway, I am a loving girl so I need a loving family (that's a family that gets to be yours forever!!).

Health Notes: Ciera came to hart as a healthy and happy youngster. Ciera is up todate with DACPP, bordatella, rabies and is microchipped and spayed.

Behavior Notes: Ciera is a very curious girl. She is still a little mouthy, but is learning quickly that hands are not toys. She loves people, and loves greeting strangers. She gets along great with other dogs, and loves having a playmate. She is very food motivated. She loves to cuddle. She is a puppy, so she is high energy. She does jump, but her foster home is working on this. She was reported to have high prey drive, so we are not sure how she would be with cats. She is crate trained, house trained and leash training is a work in progress. She knows sit, and is working on "sit pretty". She is working on down and stay. She's a smart girl. She can be destructive when bored, so Kongs, chews, and acceptable bones are a must! She needs an active family that she can do all sorts of activities with!



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