hello! I'm Cola

  • Cola
  • Mixed breed
  • 5 years
  • Male

hart Plus.png    I'm a hart+ dog! For information about the hart+ program, please review the hart+ adoption process.

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Weight: 26 lbs

Energy: High.

Children:   Not recommended though older children who can understand his needs may be a possibility. 

Dogs: Older, well-balanced dog(s) only as he can be very reactive to new dogs if not properly (and very slowly) introduced. 

Cats: No.

Other Notes: Prior experience with dogs with behaviour issues is recommended. 

About me: Hi, I'm Cola! Please be sure to read the behaviour notes on me below. I've come so far in my little life! I'm a super smart little dude, who is clicker trained and highly motivated by food, balls, and praise. I'm a super lovable guy who wants nothing more than to please my people. Are you the home who's up for helping me be the best dog possible?

Behaviour notes:   I'm a hart+ dog! For information about the hart+ program, please review the hart+ adoption process.

Cola has been in hart's care for a significant amount of time. He is a refugee of Ontario's Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). It was believed that Cola had a non-specific high level of aggression, but with the assistance of hart's partner-kennels, trainers, and hart's amazing foster families, Cola's aggression is now thought to be a learned coping mechanism to help him deal with unfamiliar people, places, and dogs. He's worked very hard to overcome his issues and today, Cola is a different dog. Though he's made remarkable progress since becoming an Albertan, certain behaviours that Cola exhibits will always need to be understood and respected. These include:

  • Prey-driven and reactive behaviour. Cola is not a candidate for off-leash outings and parks.
  • Resource-guarding behaviour. This includes food and those he deems are his people. He has adversely reacted to strangers in certain situations, and lunged or bitten likely because of past experiences that have instilled fear and anxiety. On recommendation from behaviourists, he has been muzzle-trained while in public.

Through it all, Cola remains very affectionate with people and will make a loving dog for someone who will ensure he progresses with his training and will provide rules and boundaries. 

Health notes: Cola came into hart's care in great condition and has maintained a high level of health throughout his stay. There have been no medical concerns with Cola. He is neutered, microchipped and has his DACPP, Bordatella and Rabies vaccinations up to date.



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