Hello! My name is Conner!

  • Conner
  • Mixed breed
  • 1 year
  • Male

Weight (approx): 57.5 lbs

Energy: High

Children: Older kids best (I may knock over smaller children with my energy!)      

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

About Me: Why hi there! I almost didn't see you as I was cruising around having a blast! Running and playing are just so much fun (and not to mention great for you too ;))! I would love to tell you about myself if you have a minute to spare. My name is Conner and I am a young boy looking for my forever home. I hope to find a family that is active and can keep up with me. I am pretty darn pumped about surviving parvo and have not wanted to waste a single day since beating it. Do you have a large yard you would be willing to let me play in? I promise it is a whole lot of fun to watch me zoom in circles (also known as zoomies)! I also would love to have a doggy friend to play with as long as they can handle my enthusiasm. Since I am lucky to have a second chance at life, I really want to be the best that I can be. I want to better myself and maybe you can help me along the way with some training and positive guidance? I am so excited at the thought of maybe one day having a forever home and a family to call my own. Will that be you?

Health Notes: Coming Soon!

Behavior Notes: Conner is a sweet and high energy dog! He can settle down once he has had time to run around and play and will usually end up curled in his bed with a chew toy. He is good with dogs who are calm but needs proper introductions. He loves cuddles and pets, but he does have issues with his collar being touched, so he needs training done as this does create issues when having a leash put on. His foster home is currently working on this. He is good on leash for a little while, but after a while he will try to get away from his leash, and again, his foster home is working with one of our training partners on this. He needs daily walks, but if there is a backyard, he loves to run around and wear himself out that way. Everything makes him excited...people, toys, food, but he will calm down. He is not good with cats. Older children are recommended for this boy, as he is pushy with kids (not aggressive), and will knock them down. He is house trained, and will let you know when he needs to go outside. He is crate trained, but needs to be lured in with food. He will destroy beds and blankets, though. He has not been left loose in the house as he is a counter surfer and likes to chew. He does not like to share his food or toys, so we recommend he is separated from other dogs when given these, and he is very happy to have his toys in the crate, along with food. He has basic training. He is a chewer, so a good supply of chews and bones are recommended. He nips at fingers, toes, and hands but has never bitten anyone. It's never to hurt but when he wants to play or is excited. His current foster family corrects him.

Think you have found your furever friend?