Hi! I'm Dennis!

  • Dennis
  • Mixed breed
  • 1 year
  • Male

Weight (approx): 55 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Good

Dogs: Good with proper introduction

Cats: Unknown 

About Me:  Hi! I'm Dennis! I'm a 1 year old Great Pyrenees cross that doesn't stop smiling. I'm 50 lbs. but look bigger because I'm pure fluff! I'm super friendly and gentle and great with kids and adults alike. I walk great on a leash, and am crate and house trained. I know basic commands like sit, down, kennel, and stay. I'm a medium-energy dog, so I'm good with a short run or one walk a day. I do good with other dogs once I get to know them (I love my foster sister) and am good meeting another dog when we're both on leashes. Can't wait to meet you!!

Behaviour Notes: Dennis has shown some improvements, he is good with handling. He gets along with dogs, but does need proper introductions. He resource guards food around other dogs, but only growls if the other dog gets too close. He is getting better at this and is easily redirected. He is crate trained and excellent in the crate, but whines and cries when left loose. He's been around children and has no problems, he'll sit and will let the kids pet him. He has some fears around cars and vacuum cleaners, he'll retreat and bark. Could be because they are loud, so desensitization can help him with these fears, with positive training, treats and rewards when he isn't reacting to them, and he'll learn with food that these are actually happy positive things in his life. He has prey drive towards rabbits and squirrels, he loves to chase them. He's walks loose leash on leash. He knows some basic training - Sit, Down, Stay, Shake a paw and Wait. Foster home reports him as a great pup! And he sure is!

Health Notes:    


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