Hi! We are Diamond and Philly!

  • Diamond (pink harness) and Philly (blue harness)
  • Mixed breeds
  • 8 years old and 9 years old
  • Female and Male

Diamond is the younger of this bonded pair.  She's a shy little girl weighing in at 60 lbs.  Although Diamond is great around kids, she can get overwhelmed easily so children who know how to respect her space would be beneficial.  Diamond can get along with some dogs but doesn't see eye to eye with all of them that she meets so slow and proper introductions to any new dog is important.  Diamond sees smaller animals such as cats/squirrels/bunnies as really fun things to try to catch so a home with no small animals is what she'll be looking for. Diamond is not an aggressive girl but more like the "get out of dodge" type, when there's too much going on or sudden movements or sounds.  Diamond has an introvert type personality and prefers to be around her close knit clan and avoid the larger crowds. Diamond's security blanket is Philly and we're hoping to find them a home where they can stay together.

Philly is very friendly, extremely smart and focused.  Philly is more of an extrovert than Diamond but he is also not a fan of all dogs that he meets and like Diamond, also thinks it's fun to try to catch the smaller animals so again, a home without cats/bunnies/small animals is what he'll be seeking.  Philly is also great with children, although he can sometimes get pretty excited and forget his "jumping" manners.  He is 69 lbs so could knock down a young child unintentionally. He's a smart boy though so a verbal reminder should be enough for him to remember.  


Health Notes:     They have been brought up to date with their vaccinations and are spayed/neutered.  Both dogs are over their ideal weight and are working on getting their weight down to a healthier level.  Diet and exercise will be the remedy and an adopter would need to continue with this.


If you are interested in a pair of mature, friendly, sweet dogs....these are the two to make your home complete!

Think you have found your furever friend?