• Easton
  • Mixed Breed
  • 1 year old
  • Male

Weight (apporox): 44lbs

Energy:  High

Children: Yes recommend kids 7+ as I sometimes jump up

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No Exposure

Health Notes: Easton came to our care from our target community. When he was rescued he was limping. Upon further examination by a vet it was determined that Eason was likely hit by a car and his leg was broken. Fortunately the leg has healed but he will always have a limp. His new parents will have to monitor his situation as he may be at risk for developing arthritis. Easton does not let his leg slow him down. He is a very friendly pup who is eager to play. Easton has been neutered and microchipped. He has been given his vaccinations DACPP, rabies, and bordatella as well as antiparasitics.

Ideal Home: Easton is a very energetic boy who needs a fenced yard where he can run and play. An active home that commit to regular walks will ensure that this boy gets the exercise he needs. 

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