Hi! My name is Igloo!

  • Igloo
  • Mixed Breed
  • 1 year old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 46 lbs

Energy: Medium - High

Children: No - Igloo has not been around children but is shy and fearful so children are likely not a good match for this boy!

Dogs: Yes 

Cats: Yes

Health Notes:  Igloo came to hart from our target community in good condition. Igloo has demonstrated no health issues and is ready for adoption. Igloo is up to date with his standard antiparasitics, vaccinations (DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies), microchip and neuter. Igloo has displayed some sensitivity to certain foods.

Ideal Home: 

Igloo is a great guy once he's comfortable with you, but he is fearful of new situations and people. With proper introductions he does very well. If he doesn't have the opportunity to have a proper introduction he has the potential to bite. His forever family needs to be patient and know with proper training and some trust he will give you his whole heart! Igloos a big fan of tennis balls, sitting on the recliner to watch dog TV on YouTube and nibbling at your feet while you work. Hide your shoes because this boy has a foot fetish!  Igloo would do well with someone who can give him a solid routine and help him learn how great it is to be a house dog. He needs someone who is patient, that understands how smart and goofy this guy is! 


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