Hi! I'm Ivy!

  • Ivy
  • Mixed breed
  • 5 years
  • Female

Weight (approx): 57 lbs

Energy: High 

Children: Unknown

Dogs: Good with proper introductions

Cats: Unknown

About Me:  Oh, hello! I'm Ivy and my favourite hobbies include zoomin' around the yard, tiring out my foster brother and seeing how hard & fast I can wag my tail. My foster parents say that I'm a real cuddle bug, and that I get along best with dogs my size or bigger (those small animals are just so darn fun to chase!). I have a couple of things I'm working on with my foster parents...I pull on the leash a bit and I guard my food and toys. But don't worry, I really am trying to get the mantra 'sharing is caring' through my cute little noggin. My skin gets itchy so I'm on some special food that makes it better. I'm great in my kennel, great in the car, and will 100% be your little spoon. I'm a quick learner and I would love love LOVE to get to know you and call you my forever. Let me know if you want to meet!!

Health Notes: Ivy was returned to hart after a few years, but not because of any fault of her own. When Ivy returned she was very healthy and happy. Originally, Ivy came into hart's care after consuming a tube of Gorilla Glue. She required surgery to remove the foreign body from her stomach and ultimately she was surrendered and transferred to hart. We noticed that Ivy seems to have some food sensitivities (redness, itchy skin and slight hair loss) so she has been put onto a hypoallergenic diet. Ivy's adoptive parents should be aware of this and be prepared to discuss food sensitivities and a treatment plan with their veterinarian. Ivy is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.

Behavior Notes: Ivy has a great temperament. She does get along better with dogs her size and bigger. She also does best with males. She does resource guard bones and toys however, so should be supervised at all times when around another dog, as she will fight the other dog to protect that bone ortoy. She loves people, and great with everyone! She does have a hard tail, however, and once it gets going it can do harm, so older children are preferred as she can harm a small child with her tail. She is fully house trained and crate trained. She is a puller on leash. She is a high energy dog so she does need daily walks, and having a resident dog to play with is helping her out a lot! She does need recall training. She has prey drive where rabbits and squirrels are concerned and she has not been exposed to cats. We recommend no small dogs for her. She loves to cuddle and get pets. She is great in the car as is and very calm.

Think you have found your furever friend?