• Lennon
  • mixed breed
  • 6 months
  • Male

Weight (Approx): 36 lbs and growing

Energy: Medium

Children: Likely good but untested

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested

Health Notes: To quote another famous Lennon "We can't help everyone, but we can help someone." (John Lennon) We were able to help Lennon when he was found at an abandoned house in our community of focus. When Lennon came into care he was lethargic, vomitting, and had diahrrea. Parvo was highly suspected and confirmed with a SNAP test upon arrival at one of our veterinary partners. Parvovirus is particularly deadly disease in young puppies, causing gastrointestanal tract damage and dehydration. Fortunately, hart was able to provide the supportive treatments that Lennon needed - Iv fluids, antibiotics, pain medication and anti emetics. After recovering from parvo, Lennon and his littermate were diagnosed with demodetic mange. Demodetic mange is caused by a tiny mite on the skin that are normal and always present in small numbers but when a dog's immune system is compromised, the number of mites get out of control. When this happens there can be hair loss, scabbing and sores and the dog is usually itchy and uncomfortable, which is how Lennon's mange presented. Lennon has been treated and now on the path to recovery. Lennon is up to date with DACPP, bordatella, rabies and is neutered and microchipped.

Ideal Home: I am a happy puppy now ready to find my forever home. I already know how to sit and am good in my crate overnight. i go to the back door when I need to be let outside. I am a puppy so still need someone that can help me learn and progress into adulthood. I would love to have a doggy playmate but if I get to be the sole focus of your attention then please make sure you have the time to take me out for walks and play time. I look forward to meeting you.

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