Hi! I'm Libby!

  • Mixed breed
  • 2 years old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 45 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknownn

Health Notes: Libby came into hart's care with a fresh litter of pups. Libby was thin when she came to hart and got some help to begin nursing, but once she adjusted to healthy meals, a safe environment and a loving foster family, she and her puppies did excellent. Libby had been quilled in past and had a couple quills erupt while in care, so her adoptive parents will just need to keep an eye out for any latent quills as they can take up to a year to erupt. Now that her pups have all been adopted, it is Libby's turn. Libby is u

Behavior Notes:    Libby is a wonderful dog, who is pretty chill with spurts of energy. She is a little on the fearful side when it comes to new situations and meeting new people. She needs to be allowed to initiate all meetings, and food is a wonderful way of making friends and gaining trust. Once she's had time to get to know someone new she's all for the pets. She currently lives with kids, and does great with them. She has been introduced to another dog who was mild in temper and they sniffed and went their own way. Proper introductions should be done. She has been showing resource guarding with food - her food dish and treats but only with other dogs. So she should be fed separately from other dogs so she can learn that they aren't a threat to her. She is house trained. Crate trained, will use the crate at night and when she's feeling overwhelmed. She loves stuffed kongs and does great in the crate at night with a stuffed kong. She'll bark in the morning when she's ready to be let out. She does destroy anything paper, or plastic if left out for her to get. Libby is still learning not to be afraid of the harness and leash, currently she won't let her foster home put a harness on her or a leash. She shuts down and becomes irritated, so we are doing some counter conditioning and desensitization to help her become more comfortable with them. She needs a patient home who is willing to work with her fear of strangers, and won't push her too fast or too far with this. So currently she is just enjoying roaming and playing in the backyard instead of walks. She is a lovely dog, who will make a wonderful family pet.

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