Hello! I'm Lulu!

  • Lulu
  • Mixed breed
  • 8 years old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 5 lbs

Energy: Low

Children: With proper introductions

Dogs: With proper introductions

Cats: With proper introductions

About Me: Hi everyone! I am little Lulu. I was transferred to hart from EHS back in April of this year. I am very healthy for an older gal, but I do have a bit of a heart murmur that acts up when I get too excited! It's nothing that I can't handle with a little bit of petting to calm me down. I have had all of my shots and am spayed and microchipped. Sadly, I also had to have some dental surgery done and now I only have 6 teeth left, but they get the job done! Nom nom. I have to admit that lots of things make me nervous. I am not so sure about cats, dogs, kids, or new situations. If I am feeling anxious, I will run away, but if you get down to my level and approach me gently, I will feel more secure and come back to you. Because I am an older gal, I don't like a lot of commotion. I prefer a little peace and quiet. I really do enjoy snuggling, cuddling, and staying in bed buried under piles of warm cozy blankets. Doesn't that sound nice? I also don't need a lot of space so an apartment would be a fine home for me as long as I could get outside quickly when I need to go do my business. I very much enjoy a daily walk as long as it's not too long or too quick for me. What I am really looking for is a kind and low-key companion to keep me company. Do you have a spot for me on your bed and in your heart??

Health Notes: Lulu isn't the typical hart rescue dog at only 5 pounds. She came to us from a shelter partner so that we can help her find her retirement home. Prior to coming into our care Lulu had dental surgery which left her with 6 teeth so she is adjusting to her new chewing style. Lulu is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.

Behavior Notes: Lulu can get overwhelmed very easily, and when she's overwhelmed she will growl as a warning to leave her alone. She has not gone full aggression or attempted to bite, but the growling should be listened to as this is her way of telling people, and other beings that she needs space. Despite her size, she still needs a walk even if just 15 minutes as it helps her confidence and gets her exercise. Introductions with children, dogs, and others should be slow with letting her intiate what happens. She does chase cats, but has never harmed a cat. She is good in most situations, but again can get overwhelmed. She is low energy. She does love her humans. She is not crate trained, as she does not do well in it. She will bark, whine and scratch, and she is good loose in the house. But at times she does get anxious when left alone and she will bark, howl and scratch. She has not destroyed anything in the house, though. She is good on leash, has good recall but has shown no interest in learning any tricks. She is an older dog so that's not surprising.

Think you have found your furever friend?