• Mochi
  • Mixed Breed
  • 9 years old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 85 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children:  yes

Dogs:  No

Cats:  Mochi is currently living with a dog savvy cat and is fine with the cat

Health Notes:  Mochi was returned to Hart by his previous owners. Mochi is neutered and is up to date with his vaccinations DACPP, rabies and bordatella. He also is microchipped. When Mochi came into care it was noted he had an oral abcess. He ended up having 9 teeth extracted. Now that he is all healthy he is ready to find his forever family.

About Me:  Don't let my age fool you! It's nothing but a number to me! I still have plenty of energy.  I'm a loyal and happy dog and while I would love to be off exploring the great wide yonder, I am also content lazing around with my humans enjoying all the cuddles I can possibly be offered. 

Ideal Home:  Mochi is an older dog and he loves to relax and sleep most of the day.  He will come to you with a toy and want to play.  He loves his walks, however, he is reactive to other dogs while on leash. He requires a patient and experienced handler who can work with him on his reactivity. 

Mochi loves his humans, we mean all humans! Including the little ones, but he is a big dog so there is a chance that someone might get knocked over when he decides to love on you! However, Mochi is still leery of other dogs and right now would do best being the king of his castle (with maybe some kitty minions). 

Think you have found your furever friend?