Hello! My name is Nino!

  • Nino
  • Mixed breed
  • 4 years
  • Female

Weight (approx): 71 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Older children (12+)

Dogs: Selective

Cats: Unknown

About Me: Coming Soon!

Health Notes: Nino was adopted out by hart in 2017. Her human family experienced a change and could no longer provide for Nino, so she came back to hart for some love and attention until she finds her true furever family. Nino came back into care carrying a little extra weight, but in overall good condition.  Since being back with hart her standard antiparasitics, vaccinations (DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies) have been brought up to date. Nino was microchipped and spayed previously with hart. 

Behavior Notes: Nino recently moved into a foster home and she has shown wonderful improvements in her behavior! While she is still standoffish with new people, she warms up as you gain her trust, and she turns into a very loving dog. She has not had much human contact in the past, so she does require her space, and she needs to be the one to initiate all interactions. She is subtle when showing her love of humankind, but she does so by laying close to you and asking for cuddles. She loves her treats, and will work for them which helps with training. While she currently doesn't live with another dog, she may be able to live with another dog if proper introductions happen. She has never been around cats or children so we don't know how she will be. Crate training is a work in progress, but she has shown no destructive behaviors when left alone. She is also house trained! Nino girl will sit and wait for her food. We are currently muzzle training her so that we can cat test her and also because she has shown signs of being dog selective while she was in boarding. This is a safety measure to be sure, but while in her foster home she has not shown this behavior at all. She has been quite curious about other dogs on walks! Nino is a sweet girl who is looking for a family who can slowly show her that people are wonderful and that she can find forever love, too.


Think you have found your furever friend?