Hi! I'm Odie!

  • Odie
  • Mixed breed
  • 12 years old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 52 lbs

Energy: Very Low

Children: Unknown

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

About Me: With age comes wisdom, right? Well, it also brings these cloudy eyes and some arthritis, but that's just the minor toll wisdom takes! Besides, I have some stellar meds my humans give me, am healthy in every other way, and have lots and lots of love for you. If you feel the need to crate me, I am okay with that, but truly I am a good boy left out alone. Enough now, can you just pet me? That's all I really want… and a home and family for my low-key retirement days. We can take short walks, then cuddle up and snore together, and hopefully I won't have to share your attention with any other pooches. I'm ready for a nap now… perhaps the next one will be with you!

Health Notes: This distinguished gentleman came from an ASNTF clinic in Saddle Lake. Odie is a senior and like most senior dogs he is experiencing some arthritis and has a bit of a cloud to his eyes. He has a unique coat in that his hair is quite wirey and he has some old bald spots, likely from past injuries. Upon intake Odie had bloodwork done and everything come back as normal. Odie is ready to enjoy his rescue retirement! Odie is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies, is neutered and microchipped. 

Behavior Notes: Odie is a typical old man, he has grumpy days. Odie would do best as being the only dog in the home as he does show jealousy and will growl and pushy. He is good with cats provided they don't want to play with him. He currenlty lives with 2 cats and they leave him alone, so he is good with them. Children are too much for him, and he gets very growly with them, as they are too high energy for him and don't leave him alone. He is a senior dog, and would be great for an elderly couple as he is slow, and enjoys short walks. Or even a retired couple. He does not do well in trucks, as he has a hard time getting into them, he also doesn't do well on car rides as they are very stressful for him. Odie does enjoy belly scratches, pets and getting brushed, and will let you know when he's had enough with a growl, but it has never progressed past a growl. He does get very attached to his people. Because Odie is old, he takes time to warm up to new people, so he will need lots of visits to help him transition to his new home. He would do best with as few stairs as possible in his new home, and a backyard. He will not do well in apartment living. He loves to be lazy and just lay on the floor or on the couch with you. He is really just looking for someone to love him for the remainder of his life.

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