Hi! I am Oz!

  • Oz
  • Mixed Breed
  • 9 months old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 27.5 lbs

Energy: High 

Children:  They should be cautious as my puppy teeth are sharp and I like to chew.

Dogs: Currently enjoying the company of the 9 year old resident dog.

Cats:  Unknown.

Health Notes: I came into hart's care and tested positive for parvo and mange, luckily hart took care of me and now I am doing great. My short hair and breed comes with some minor skin issues, quality puppy shampoo will help. I am up to date with standard vaccinations, am neutered and microchipped.

Ideal Home: I am a high energy puppy who requires lots of physical and mental stimulation. During walks, I am cautious of all movements and will stop in my tracks if uncertain. However, I am comfortable if strangers pet me on my walks. I really dislike the cold and will need to wear a sweater below zero and struggle to get outside to do my business on those freezing winter days. I am crate trained and may destroy things if left loose while you are away or if you are not watching me when you are home. I like to be close to my people and really, really love cuddling! I know the sit command but am still learning, down and stay. House training is progressing well, but I still have accidents sometimes. Until I am fully house trained, a lunch time bathroom break would be helpful. I am still growing and would love a house, a yard and maybe even a dog playmate!




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