• Pax
  • Mixed breed
  • Approx. 4 months old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 24 lbs

Energy: Moderate

Children: Likely good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good with continued training

Health Notes: Found in an abandoned home, this young fellow came to hart and has stolen everyone's hearts. Pax is an active and healthy puppy. He is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella and has an appointment for his neuter (although with booking delays due to COVID it isn't until July 30). As Pax is not yet old enough to receive his Rabies vaccination, if he is adopted prior to that age, that vaccination will become the responsibility of the adoptive parent.

Behavior Notes: Pax is a sweet little guy who is very confident. He isn't displaying any high puppy energy, and is a pretty chill pup. He's extremely smart and is already learning his basic commands. He currently lives with both dogs and cats and is doing great with both. Kids are unknown though. He's been learning how to be a dog by following his foster home's dogs around and learning manners through them. While Pax does live with cats, he is still learning not to chase the cats, which will take time as he is still a very young puppy and should be monitored with cats. House training is a work in progress as he is still very young, he has not had any accidents in the house because he is being monitored constantly and has a consistent outside schedule. He is crate trained. He is not being left loose in the house, as he is a very young puppy and hasn't learned enough yet. He does get irritated when he wants out of the crate, when he's leashed and wants to get to a person, dog or treat. He can be loud at times. He's learning to walk on leash, there are times where he'll put on the brakes and not want to walk at all. He is learning with encouragement to walk on leash. He is showing normal puppy behaviors. He's a wonderful little guy who will make a great pet for a family.

Ideal Home (from foster family):  I think Pax would fit in wherever he goes. He is highly social and loving. He may be more vocal then some as an adult, so condo or apartment living is likely not going to be a good fit. If going to a home with other small animals they must understand that he needs training to prevent him from being a cat chaser. I see this already in him at this young age. It could very well become an issue as a grown dog if it is not handled correctly with training at this age and ongoing for his life. In a home with owners that have experience with this I think he would be fine. He is young and can certainly learn. Another dog would be great for him to play with and learn from would be great. He was abandoned at a young age so another dog would help his socialization. Kids would likely not be an issue except for his mouthiness. So older children might be better unless the new owners have experience training a new puppy(and the kids) how to interact with each other. He is young and very trainable. Seems pretty smart so should progress well with training if the new owners take the time. Not unique to Pax but just a puppy fact. A big yard would be great for him. Room to play and chase thrown toys. He seems to like his toys and will chase them down when thrown.

Think you have found your furever friend?