• Pupaya
  • Mixed Breed
  • 2 years old
  • Male

Weight: 70lbs

Energy: High

Dogs: Good with proper introductions

Cats: Good with resident cat in the foster home

Children: Very limited exposure but seems ok

Health Notes: Pupaya came to hart from Inuvik in good physical condition. He experienced ongoing diarrhea while in care so as per his vets recommendation, he was placed on a gastro specific food. Pupaya is a high energy dog and also displays anxious behaviours so was placed on Colmicalm as part of his behaviour management program. Pupaya's anxiety is increased when seeing his vet so has a regime of calming/ sedation medications to allow his full examinations and vaccines to occur. Pupaya is up to date with DACPP, bordatelle, rabies, and is neutered and microchipped. 

Ideal Home: Pupaya is a very smart dog knowing all his commands and is house trained and crate trained. Pupaya would excel in a home with active owners and a fenced yard. Older kids are recommended as he is very high energy so can knock thos littles over. Pupaya's adopters will need to be patient and take time in meeting on Pupaya's terms. 

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