Hi! I'm Quidditch!

  • Quidditch
  • Mixed breed
  • 1 year old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 80 lbs

Energy: Medium-High

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

About Me: Oh, hello thereā€¦ I'm Quidditch. If my name didn't intrigue you, perhaps my snow-colored soft puppy fur does! I may need a bit of time to get comfortable with you and learn to not be afraid, but if you give me the time, we'll form a great bond and can be best friends! I'd love a home with another friendly dog friend to show me the ropes and perhaps some calm children with dog experience. As I get older, I am getting bigger and more excited, and I talk to you and spin in circles when I'm about to be fed. My loud bark means I wouldn't be ideal for an apartment, but perhaps you have a yard, and don't mind me helping you garden? I'd love to show you the new tricks I've learned like sit and shake a paw...maybe you'll be my furever family?

Health Notes: This handsome boy came in as a young pup from an Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force Clinic. It was noted that both he and his sister had patchy fur around their eyes and a very thin coat on their paws. We suspected they may have mange, which was confirmed by skin scrapings. Both siblings were treated for their demodectic mange and have made full recoveries. Since Quidditch has been in care, he has experienced some digestive sensitivities, and subsequently, different food trials have been conducted. As a result, Quidditch has been eating Rayne Kangaroo, and has been doing very well on that food - his digestive sensitivities have almost completely resolved. Potential adoptive parents will need to continue monitoring Quidditch's sensitivities and accept that he may require a specialized diet into the future. While the specialized diet has been successful for Quidditch, his digestive sensitivities are suspected to be related to IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). To help combat this, Quidditch requires a daily medication (Tylosin). This medication may be required as a lifelong treatment for his IBD and along with his food, the average cost if $300/month. Quidditch is up to date with DACPP, Bordetella, and Rabies, and is neutered and microchipped.

Behavior Notes: Quidditch is a very sweet, gentle, and goofy guy, but he was also born fearful. This trait is something that will require understanding, and an owner that will accept that this is Quidditch. Quidditch can learn how to cope with his fears, but the underlying fear may always be there. We have found that as his GI issues were sorted out, and as he has matured, he has become very comfortable with himself and in his foster home. His foster home has become his safe haven - so much so that he will bark at new people coming into the home. He has had difficulties in the past with strangers coming into his space, but he is learning that not all people are scary. Quidditch and his foster mom are working with a trainer to help him overcome this, and to become a more confident and relaxed dog. Outside of the home, Quidditch is also gaining confidence. Where he used to cower at the unknown, he is getting better at exploring - albeit tentatively and slowly. This will be something that his future adopter will have to continue to work on. Quidditch gets along very well with other dogs, and would likely do best in a home with another dog that is calm, and well-balanced. A dog that is anxious or reactive could potentially affect Quidditch and lead to him feeding off of those feelings. A home that is quiet, with lower foot traffic would also be ideal. Quidditch is also good with children, though children in the home should understand and respect boundaries. Once Quidditch is comfortable and has developed trust, he is a warm dog that loves cuddles, and he seeks to please. Quidditch is eager to learn and is very food motivated (though his future adopter will have to ensure he only gets diet appropriate food and treats), and also loves to play tug with toys. Quidditch is also house and crate trained, and while he is leash trained, he will need someone to continue working on it with him, as walks can sometimes be scary for him, and can make him anxious. Quidditch does have a loud bark so apartments/condo style homes are not for him.  Quidditch is a spectacular dog who requires a special owner who will understand and love him for who he is, and show him patience and encouragement when he needs it. 

Think you have found your furever friend?