Hello! I'm Radar!

  • Radar
  • Mixed breed
  • 10 months old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 89 lbs

Energy: Moderate

Children: 6+, he loves kids but because he's so big he can easily knock a small child over as he is a leaner, so no toddlers.

Dogs:   Good

Cats: Unknown

About Me:  Hey, it's me, Radar! My birthday is on March 1st and I will be 1 year old! I have been with HART since Nov 7th, 2016. I had a very mild case of demodectic mange but now I am all cleared up! I am a big boy weighing 87'ish pounds and I love to eat (maybe a little too much? NAH!!). I really prefer to dine alone so I sometimes guard my food. That just means that nobody should really bother me when I am eating. I am a lover and very affectionate. I like to snuggle and climb on the people to give them kisses. I really don't like being alone so it takes me a few minutes to settle down when the people leave me to go where ever it is that they go. They call me a "medium to low energy dog" whatever that means, but I do like to go on walks and play fetch. When I go on walks and I see cats, bunnies or other dogs, I react and try to go play with them. The people have to really hold me back sometimes. Lets just go to the off-leash park then nobody has to worry about me. I guess it would be OK if there was another dog in my new house but I would have to be the people's favourite or I might get jealous and try to push that other dog away. Things may change though if us dogs had some time to work it out (that I would be the favourite, I mean). I am fully house-trained and have had all my shots. I really need a forever family who will feed me, love me, play with me, exercise me and make me feel safe. Am I on your radar??

Behavior Notes:    Radar does show resource guarding with food around humans. He growls and freezes, he is working on this in his foster home but may regress once adopted. So it's recommended to keep children away during food time. His biggest issue is when he is being touched on the neck and face while eating. Radar has isolation anxiety, this is close to separation anxiety, only instead of when a certain person leaves he gets anxiety, it is where it doesn't matter who leaves, he gets very anxious. He is getting way better with this, but may regress once adopted so it's recommended that he is crated when everyone leaves the house, as he has shown a tendency to be destructive if left loose when left alone. If someone is home, distraction and constant changing routine is best when someone leaves. Radar has prey drive and while he's good on leash, if he sees a rabbit or cat he will give chase so he needs a strong handler.

Health Notes:  Radar came to hart in fairly good shape, in fact a little on the loved side of normal weight.  While in care, it was discovered that Radar had demodectic mange.  Demodectic mange is caused by a tiny mite on the skin, which are normal and all dogs have them.  In most dogs, these mites never cause problems. However, in certain situations, such as an underdeveloped or impaired immune system, intense stress or malnutrition, the mites can reproduce rapidly, causing symptoms in sensitive dogs that range from mild irritation and hair loss on a small patch of skin to severe and widespread inflammation or secondary infection.  Thankfully, Radar was just experiencing some hair loss and irritation.  Treatments proved successful at eliminating Radar's demodex and he has been symptom free since January. Radar is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped. 

Think you have found your furever friend?