• Ranger
  • Mixed Breed
  • 1 year old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 66 lbs

Energy: High

Dogs: Yes

Cats:  Unknown, but I don't seem to have prey drive towards them when I've met them on walks

Children: Yes, but I can get jumpy when excited so older or dog savvy children would be better. 

Health Notes:   Ranger was an owner surrender from our target community. He had an aural hematoma that was treated.  Ranger has been neutered and microchipped and is up to date with his vaccines DACPP, Bordatella and rabies. Ranger has some mild skin issues which may indicate a food allergy and he is being transitioned off of chicken-based foods to test this and as such may require a no chicken diet. 

Ideal Home:   Ranger is an intelligent teenager who has made vast improvements since his transition from outdoor to indoor life. He knows basic commands and is generally good on leash, but can get excited and pull for squirrels. He loves walks, belly rubs, rolling in the grass or snow, eating sticks, and playing catch and chase. He has learned to seek affection without play nipping but still excitedly jumps with guests or when he tries to grab his toy. He is great outdoors but struggles with new indoor environments that may have slippery floors or confined spaces like long hallways. He has made progress but still needs work on getting confidently into a car. He is currently working on getting into a smaller hatchback and may have more success with larger, more spacious vehicles.
Ranger is friendly on walks to both people and other dogs. He has a few neighbourhood doggy pals that he loves to run with, but is generally best one on one as he can get overwhelmed and slightly reactive when there are too many dogs at once. He is also an energetic player so dogs with similar play patterns work best. Although he is ok with sharing balls while playing and receiving treats around others, he has shown food aggression to other dogs when he finds food on the ground. Therefore, it is unclear how that translates into a home with another pet.
Ranger is housetrained and currently does not use a crate. When left alone, he is left alone with access to the kitchen and living room and is not generally destructive but he still has puppy behaviors and will chew shoes, laces, pens, glasses, etc if he has access to them.
Ranger is a sweet, friendly, intelligent boy with so much potential. He needs a home with outdoor space and a family that will patiently help him gain confidence and work on his basic training.

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