Hello! My name is Rosie!

  • Rosie
  • Mixed breed
  • 9 months old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 49 lbs

Energy:  Medium

Children:  Good

Dogs: Good with proper introductions

About Me:  More informaton about me coming soon!

Behavior Notes:  Rosie is a puppy, who does not do well with small dogs at all. She is great with medium to large dogs with proper introductions. She is crate trained and does quite well in it and at night only whines when she needs to go outside! She is a puppy so loves to chew and get into the garbage so should be crated when left home alone until she can be trained and grows out of her puppy stage. We would consider Rosie to be a slight flight risk as she is very curious and a lot of things are of huge interest to her. She does have a fear of loud noises so you would have to work with her on this to help her overcome it. No resource guarding has been seen in the foster home.



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