Hi! I'm Rupert!

  • Rupert
  • Mixed breed
  • 2 years
  • Male

Weight (approx): 77 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

About Me:          Coming Soon!

Health Notes: The best day of Rupert's life so far was coming into hart's care.  Rupert was living at a dump and as soon as hart could bring him into foster care, we did.  As can be expected, life at the dump was difficult and Rupert came in with a dirty and matted coat, some scars on his neck from old injuries, a broken tooth and a skin yeast infection.  All of these issues have been treated and Rupert is ready for the second best day of his life, finding his furever home.  Rupert is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped.

Behavior Notes:   Rupert is a medium energy dog. When he first came into our care he was quite shy, but over time he has come out of shell a lot, and is doing great! He is treat motivated. He hasn't found the joy in toys yet, but given time he might. He's great with people, and will interact on his own. He's good with other dogs, and will pull to meet dogs on his walks. He has not been exposed to cats. When meeting new people, he can be a little hesitant, but given time he warms up pretty quickly and will initiate interactions on his own. He currenlty lives with a toddler, and does very well with him. He does not know his size however, and has laid down beside the toddler, and rolled over on top of him. He is supervised with the toddler, and the toddler ignores him so that helps Rupert out a lot. He is house trained, he's only had accidents twice in the house since coming into care, but that was due to medication he was on. Other than that he's good. He is making progress with the crate, and will go in voluntarily now, when told. He is good loose in the house, but currently he is only allowed to be loose at night, and he'll sleep on a dog bed. He isn't destructive at all. He gets frustrated when he wants attention or wants to go for a walk, he just whines and makes noise. Rupert still cowers when people move too fast. He is getting better on leash, and only pulls when he sees a dog he wants to meet or a bunny, as he has some prey drive towards rabbits. He will grab shoes to get attention, but has not destroyed any. He is also not a huge fan of the car, but once in he will just lie down. Rupert would do best in a home with a laid back dog who doesn't care about human attention that much, as while he currently loves his foster home's dog, he also LOVES human attention. If there is no dog in the home, then he would love an active family who can give him all the attention he wants.

Think you have found your furever friend?