Hi! My name is Smokey!

  • Smokey
  • Mixed breed
  • 3 years old
  • Male

Weight (approx): 109 lbs

Energy: Low-Medium

Children: Good 

Dogs: Good with smaller dogs

Cats: Good

About Me:    Hi there, my name is Smokey! 

I am a 109-pound lap dog who loves popcorn and watching movies. I am looking for a stable home with a strong mom or dad. Despite my moose-like size, I'm happy with one good 20-minute walk a day and enjoy the odd playtime inside. After that, I'm happy to plop down on the couch for another nap. In fact, my favourite activities include napping, looking out the window, and basking in love and affection. I get along with small dogs and cats, but I'm not a fan of bigger dogs…yet!

Although I'd love to share the bed or couch with you, I'm happy sleeping on the floor as long as I can always see or be near you. Full disclosure - I love butter. If you leave a stick out, I'll be sure to find it and lick it like a Popsicle. I'm also not a big fan of driving. I find it scary not knowing where I am going or what is happening, so I'd rather spend time at home. I love kids, but I need to be reminded how big I am. I am a smart dog that listens well and knows how to sit, laydown and play fetch!
Behavior Notes:    Smokey is described as a calm dog and not a barker. He can be anxious in the car and new situations. Smokey gets along with smaller animals such as cats, bunnies, and smaller breeds of dogs. However, Smokey has been showing reactivity towards larger dogs, which is being worked with at this time.

Health Notes:  Smokey holds the title of biggest dog to ever come into hart's care - coming in at 109 pounds and not overweight!  When Smokey was brought into care, Smokey was limping so we got him checked out.  His x-rays show no signs of injury, although at times Smokey appears stiff and walks with definite lope.  Smokey's vets are not able to find a source of Smokey's issues and wonder if perhaps he had an old injury and is still guards.  Smokey is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped. 

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