Hi! I'm Tamale

  • Tamale
  • Mixed breed
  • 7 months
  • Female

Weight (approx): 31 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Unknown

Dogs: Great

Cats: Good

About Me: Why hello!

*gently clears throat and cautiously steps forward*

My name is Tamale. I did not have a lot of human exposure prior to coming into hart's care so I am still learning about people. I need a little time to take in new situations and people but once I see things are ok I am ready to move forward. I am your typical puppy and need a home that will help teach me manners and all that fun puppy related stuff. Do you have another dog in your home? I would really benefit from having another doggy to be a positive role model as well as to play with. I love my daily walks and have a blast playing in the backyard with my foster parents. Activity is important and I promise I will snuggle with you after I am tuckered out. I really hope to find a forever home that helps me continue to build my confidence, that would be just so wonderful! 

Health Notes: Tamale came from our target community with her littermates and mom. With no medical concerns, Tamale received her standard antiparasitics, vaccinations (DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies), microchip and her spay. 

Behavior Notes: Tamale is a fearful little girl. She is very cautious of people she doesn't know, and startles easily when they move too fast or reach for her. She isn't comfortable with people she doesn't know touching her. She will hide in her crate, but does warm up after a few hours. To help her out, it is highly recommended that upon meeting her, slow movements, getting low to the ground, ignoring her, and letting her initiate everything that happens. When she is in a space that she is comfortable, like her home, she is a normal puppy who is happy and easygoing, displaying typical puppy behaviors. She gets bursts of energy and is happy playing with toys, and than napping on the couch. She is medium energy and loves her walks (and needs walks every day along with play time). She is great with other dogs, but can be very vocal when trying to play which is potentially a habit she picked up from her foster siblings as they are very vocal when they play together. She is good with cats and she sniffs them but can be distracted away from them. She does not hyper-focus on them. Tamale does struggle a little in new environments, so going slow with her is best. She is untested with children, but we feel that older kids who are dog savvy, and can leave her alone when she needs breaks would be best. She is house trained, crate trained (and she loves her crate) and we recommend due to her fearfulness that she has access to one at all times as it has become her safe space when she's overwhelmed. She eats all meals in her crates, along with her Kongs and bones. She is a medium flight risk and if the door is open she will try to run out. She is learning to walk on leash, and is a puller. Despite her being fearful, she is a great puppy, and will make a wonderful dog for a home that is calm and patient with her!

Think you have found your furever friend?