Hello! I'm Tika!

  • Tika
  • Mixed breed
  • 6 years old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 38 lbs

Energy:  Medium to High

Children: Unknown

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

About Me: Hi, Tika here! I am a medium to high energy gal, but I also LOVE to nap. My favourite place to be is curled up in a blanket for hours! I definitely don't like the cold, or the snow, but I will still go outside if I get all bundled up first. I am pretty good a walking on leash when the weather is nice outside! I am good with other dogs and my foster home says I am such a sweetheart, that I would probably be okay with kids too! Although I would prefer to be the center of attention, another well behaved dog friend might be good to help teach me how to socialize properly with other dogs!

Behavior Notes: Tika is very curious and adventurous! She has shown signs of being dog selective as when she meets a dog that she doesn't like, she is reactive. She needs a strong handler as she is a strong puller and when she's trying to get to another dog she is determined. She is currently working with a trainer to help with this behavior. If she is to live with a dog, proper introductions and multiple visits are must happen to ensure success of the dogs getting along. She can be good with kids, but older children only as she is a bit of a jumper. Tika can be very excitable, and is high energy. She loves walks and loves to play. She has a possible allergy to chicken, but is doing good on pork.

Health Notes: This young lady can't tell us her life story, but we can surmise some of her difficulties by the shape of her teeth. Only three years of age, she was missing a canine, two other canines were broken and another tooth needed to be extracted because of damage. Now that she has recovered from her dental surgeries, she is ready to be pampered because that was not part of her daily routine prior to rescue. Tika is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped. 

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