Hi! I'm Tim

  • Tim
  • Mixed breed
  • 2 years
  • Male

Weight (approx): 90 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Good

Dogs: Good with proper introductions

Cats: Unknown

About Me: Hi human! Tim here! Do you find my eyebrows endearing? I thought so. Let me tell you a bit about myself… I'm about 2 years old and big boy of 83 pounds. I'm a Lab mix, and even though I love crashing with my foster family, I think it's time I find my furever. I'm a medium energy dude and do great with daily walks. I'm great on leash and would make a fantastic jogging buddy! I get along with my 4 legged foster siblings, but am a bit of a scaredy cat if a dog barks at me (shh- don't tell!). I also jump up a bit, so a home that can continue working on my manners & confidence would be perfect. Tiny humans are cool too, but the jumping might not make us a great match... Not a huge fan of the kennel but like I said before, with consistent training I'll be the bestest boy in the whole wide world! I've been practicing a bunch of cool tricks to show off when we meet, so let these people here at hart know if you think we sound like a good match!

Health Notes: Tim came to hart happy and healthy. He is ready to find his true forever home and we guarantee he'll reward you in a constantly wagging tail! Tim is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped. 

Behavior Notes: Tim has been spending some time with a trainer to help with impulse control and to learn a polite way of greeting people. Tim has come along way and is quite the happy gentleman now. Tim is learning that jumping up on people isn't polite, though he still needs positive reinforcement. He has learned "place" to wait for his foster mom to answer the door, so that he's not crowding guests when they come in the home. He is house trained, and crate trained. He has learned with the trainer's help when to take cues from other dogs and when to leave them alone, as he would get a little rough and not know when to stop. Now he knows when to stop and leave the other dog alone, and how to respect space. He knows all of his basic cues. He is great on leash, and loves to go jogging. He loves kids, but older children who are dog savvy are recommended. A big yard would make him very happy to run around in. This would help get rid of energy, as well as using mental stimulation games. He loves playing with toys, and that has been a big part of his training. He lives to please, and is very intelligent so loves to learn whatever you are willing to teach him.

Think you have found your furever friend?