Hello! My name is Waverly!

  • Waverly
  • Mixed breed
  • 4 year old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 51 lbs

Energy: High

Children: Older children 

Dogs: Great! Would do best with another dog in the home

Cats: No

About Me: Curious cuddly companion - these are the three best words that describe me! Now that I have your attention…Hi, my name is Waverly! I'm in search of a forever home that is going to be just right for me.

When I came into hart, I had worms and was very skinny. Now that I'm well nourished (I eat duck like a queen!), I have a tendency to get a little too excited sometimes. So, I have starting taking a pill and it keeps my calm. I also try to avoid being in stressful situations because it makes it hard for me to remember what my foster mom wants me to do.
I love to make friends! I get along with mostly everyone, including my foster mom and I love other dogs! But I need some time to warm up to kids and to men. I didn't meet a lot of them when I was growing up, so it just takes me a little longer to get used to them. I know that I could be a best buddy to the right 'dad'.  I'm hoping to go into a home where I can have another dog like myself to play and where there is space for me to go outside and play!

Behavior Notes: Waverly has made some tremendous progress since coming into our care. She is fearful of men specifically, but we have her on medication to help with her extreme fears and anxieties. With training and medication she will approach some men, provided she's allowed to initiate the meeting, and they get down low, don't make eye contact and are quiet. She's a smart girl who needs time to warm up to people, but once she's learned to trust she is a huge cuddler. Right now we are working on exposing her to different situations, to help with her anxiety and fears, and she's doing awesome!

Health Notes: Shy little Waverly was underweight and wormy when she came into hart's care. While in care she developed a rash that was monitored but went away and Waverly also visited one of our vet partners to ensure that everything was in tip-top shape with her front legs. She bows her left front leg out, but the vet found no issues with it. Waverly definitely has demonstrated sensitivities and allergies. While in care she has had skin flare ups based on reactions to food that isn't duck-based, has developed bronchitis, vaginitis and a mass between her toes that were deemed allergy based. As well, she recently had a lump removed that turned out to be a vaccine reaction. Waverly is a sensitive girl and her adoptive parents will need to be aware of that. Waverly is a bit of a nervous nancy so has been on a calming medication called Clomicalm for a few months. They are having the desired effect, which is just calming Waverly down. Waverly is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.

Think you have found your furever friend?