Hi! I'm Yvette

  • Yvette
  • Mixed breed
  • 5 years
  • Female

Weight (approx): 64 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Older children (12+)

Dogs: Good, but would like to be the only dog in the home

Cats: Good

About Me: Oh, hello again! Remember me? My name's Yvette and you may remember my good looks from a few years ago. I'm a two-time hart dog and I am hoping that in 2020 I'll find my REAL furever home! I'm around 5 years old, a Pitty mix, and am 64 lbs of love. I'm a bit on the fearful side, and like to go about life at my own pace. My furever home would need to show me patience and support when I'm in new situations and meet new people. Once I'm comfortable I'm pretty awesome though, if I do say so myself. I absolutely love my humans and follow my foster mom around like her shadow. I get along great with other furry friends that I meet, but am a bit of an attention snob so would love if I had you all to myself at home! Older kids would probably be best too, so they would understand my 'slow and steady' life motto. I'm fully crate and house trained, love my daily walks and runs, and would LOVE if you'd consider adding me to your family. Let my foster mama know if you think we'd make a good match!

Health Notes: Yvette was originally with hart in 2014.  She was adopted but returned to us 5 years later as a more mature, but still stunning and lovable girl.  While back in care, Yvette has had her vaccinations brought up to date but there no medical concerns. She would love to start the new decade off with a family to call hers. Yvette is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.

Behavior Notes: Yvette is a fearful dog, who needs time to warm up to people, and needs to be allowed to initiate and decide what happens during interactions. Due to her being fearful, she needs a calm home, which will help her relax, and get used to her surroundings and be comfortable with her surroundings. She is a medium energy dog, and loves to play. She loves her daily walks, and loves to run. Yvette gets excited for meal time but will sit patiently. She loves to go for her walks and will pace at the door waiting for her stuff to be put on. She loves toys and to play fetch. Yvette needs to go to a no dog home, as she does not like her space being invaded and can be aggressive with another dog when she feels trapped and can't get away. She also has jealous tendencies and gets very pushy with other dogs when they are getting attention. While she currently doesn't live with a cat, we have been told that she used to live with cats and was good with them. Yvette is cautious and fearful with strangers, and needs to be allowed to initiate all interactions. She also is very fearful in new situations, and needs guidance and support until she feels comfortable. We feel that children need to be 12+ and dog savvy in order to understand to leave her alone when she needs to be alone. She is fully house trained. She is crate trained, she has been left loose, but she does like to go on little adventures and get into things, so the house does need to be Yvette-proofed before allowing her to roam free. She is not a flight risk as she does have good recall, however if she gets onto a scent during a walk, she becomes rather hearing selective. Yvette will gobble her food when in the presence of another dog and she'll also bear her teeth. Fast movements cause her to flinch and cower. Loud noises also scare her, along with garbage bags and plastic wheels on strollers or small kids bikes. Yvette likes to counter surf, so keeping food out is not a good idea. Yvette is a very pleasant dog, and with your patience and understanding, she will thrive in a home if given the support and guidance she needs to be happy.

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