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Dog Days

As soon as the snow melts, Edmontonians hit parks and patios en mass. Our dogs are as glad as we are to have green grass and flowers in bloom. But even here in Edmonton, the thermometer can rise to a point where we need to think about keeping our dogs safe by keeping them cool.
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To The Point

Here we are in the 2000’s and there is much debate on immunizations and vaccinations. Should we be vaccinating children and dogs? Is there too much of risk involved in the administration of vaccinations?
Written by Lyndsay hart at 00:00

Paws Then Play

In an ideal world, every dog would spend time during the puppy stages in play. They would play with other puppies, play and learn from mature dogs as well as spend time playing with humans. They would have lots of toys to play with and learn different games.
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Happy Howl-a-ween!

Keep your howler safe so you can both have a good time!
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