A Rescue Story

 Every rescue that takes place is as unique as the dog that is rescued. This is the story of Veto.


hart recieved a telephone call from a field volunteer that had identified a dog in need. This dog was Veto and he was a stray. 


For over one hour, hart rescue volunteers were unable to physically reach Veto. Due to fear, Veto managed to position his body between a concrete wall and a concrete beam. The sun had set and volunteers had limited light, making his rescue more complicated than anticipated.


Rescuers worked for over two hours attempting to tie a rope around Veto to pull him out. The darkness, debris under the concrete, and small opening made it very difficult.


After almost three hours, rescuers were able to tie rope around Veto. To ensure Veto's safety, rescuers slowly started to pull the terrified dog to safety. 


Upon rescue, Veto was transported to the hart intake home late at night. Veto arrived full of fear, stomach irritation, anxiety, and fleas. During the intake each dog recieves a fully body exam, necessary medication, hart ID, and love.


Within a few minutes, Veto fully succumbed to a vounteers kind touch. 


Upon intake, Veto was transported to his foster home. Veto is currently up for adoption. Without hart, his story would have ended differently.

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