Awaken Your Inner Budd-awg


Dogs can teach us so much if we take the time to learn.  Here are some lessons we can take away from our pooches to become more enlightened, more free and just all around better.

 Make your time count

Instead of wishing you were somewhere else or mindlessly going through life, change your approach to be more centered in the moment.  Dogs make each moment count.  Whether they are going for a walk, watching you make a sandwich or curling up beside you, dogs are in that moment.  Dogs will be taking in that moment - the sights on the walk, the smells of the sandwich, the sounds of your breath when you fall asleep.  Where we are right now matters. 

Choose happiness

Rescue dogs never cease to amaze with their incredible resiliency.  They have an ability to let go of the bad and accept the good much more easily than we can.  If we learn to wag our tails more, we can find more happiness.  For dogs it comes naturally, but we can choose to let more happiness in.  Life will always happen and will challenge us, but how we react to it is what matters.  We can choose to let happiness be a stronger part of our character. 

Love deeply

Dogs are loyal and full of love.  Despite being treated horribly, there are some dogs that have hearts that are still overflow with love for their owners.  It takes energy to open up and love but that energy comes back in force to comfort us when we need it or remind us of what is truly important.  Love yourself, love each other, love other beings…and especially love rescue dogs. 

Our dogs can teach us how to live a richer life in our connections and thoughts, if we let them.  They can also teach us to wag our tails and bark in glee.  

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