Black Dog Syndrome


Black pearls are sought after.  Black diamonds are fashionable.  Black dogs are often the last to be adopted and are euthanized at horrifying rate at pounds and shelters.  Something is not right here!

While there is no quantitative data, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from shelter workers and rescue volunteers that it takes longer to adopt a black dog than a light colored dog.  The explanations range from the bizarre with superstitions of dark colored animals being linked with evil to technical with dark colored dogs being more difficult to photograph. 

Our spokesdog Noir has this to say about the Black Dog Syndrome "Let me tell you this syndrome is absolutely ridiculous.  I have a heart full of love and a tail full of wags just like any other rescue dog.  There is nothing menacing about me.  Quite the contrary, I am respectful of my humans and other humans I meet and I am a quick learner.  I am a loyal and fun companion - I just happen to have a beautiful silky black coat."

Help us disprove the Black Dog Syndrome by finding a home for Noir!  

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