Frank's Story


I didn't have a name for most of my life.
I was a stray.
My time was spent surviving.
Winters were cold and long.
Summers felt good.
Rarely did I have enough to eat, but I kept going, scavenging for whatever I could.
Some time ago, I was hit by a car.  My back and hips never stopped hurting.
Most of the time, I was by myself.
One day I was picked up.
I was given food and put in a crate.
Lots of people smiled at me, some people cried.
I wagged my tail and rested my head.
I was given a warm bed.
I was hugged.
I was fed until I couldn't eat anymore.
I was named Frank.
I loved it.
I am glad I got to know tenderness, safety and love.
The kind people who helped me gave me the greatest gift possible.
With them I experienced happiness.
I was too tired and sick to stay with them long, but they meant the world to me.

We need foster homes to save dogs like Frank.

Written by hart at 00:00



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