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If there are so many rescue dogs that need our help, then why don't we just give them away? 

We are asked this question on occasion by individuals who believe that if they are willing to take a homeless dog off our hands that we should not charge them an adoption fee. 

Let's follow a dog through our system.  Upon rescue, an Intake Assessment is conducted to document the overall health and behavior of a dog.  Initial vaccinations are administered, a dewormer is given and a flea medication is administered. 

When our rescue dogs move to their foster homes, they move with their own Hobo bag.  This contains everything that they will need during their foster stay.  A collar, ID tag, leash, harness, crate, food and water bowls, food, treats, toys, bedding, shampoo and conditioner, brush, an Adopt Me vest and training pads if they are puppies are packaged up for each rescue.  For many of our rescues, this is the first time they have been exposed to toys!   Each dog is spayed or neutered, microchipped and depending on age a rabies shot is administered while visiting the vet. 

Follow up vaccinations are also administered and replacement supplies are required.  Behavior and training supports are available to foster parents on an individual or group basis so that our rescue dogs are able to transition to their furever homes as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Our adoption fee helps us offset our rescue and care expenses.  What we are not able to procure by donation, we purchase with the assistance of donations and adoption fees.  For a healthy dog in care for a short period of time, with no additional medical treatments, we invest roughly $300.  Our adoption fee is only $285.  Cost recovery is not our priority.  Rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in need are our priorities. 

When you compare our adoption fee to the price of dogs from breeders or pet stores, our dogs are quite a good deal.  Not only are they less expensive and we cover the cost of the spay and neuter, but you when you adopt a dog from us and pay our adoption fee you are saving a dog from a lifetime of suffering.  

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