Hello World


I am so glad we have had a chance to meet.  It is because of the volunteers with hart that we are able to say hello.  You see, my mom was not able to care for us but as you can see, we were way too young to fend for ourselves.  I don't remember much from back then, but I remember being hungry and cold.

That all changed when we were rescued.  Our surrogate parents, they are humans, had a soft, warm place for us to sleep.  They also prepared milk for us and woke us up every three hours so we could eat.  We recognize their scent when they come by and when we smell that familiar cookies and milk scent we start to squirm in excitement. 

Our eyes are just starting to open so we can't wait to see what humans really look like.  Even though they look a lot different than we do, we love our human parents.  They are helping us get big and strong.  Without them, we didn't stand a chance.  With them, we'll be ready to take on the world as soon as we can stand up on our own! 

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