Born to Run


After having jumped or fallen out of the back of a moving truck, Harlow's owners made a difficult decision to surrender him as they could not afford the treatment he needed.  Harlow was not a typical hart rescue, when we were contacted by another rescue group who learned of Harlow's situation but did not have the resources to help him, we could not handle the thought of Harlow languishing in pain any longer. 

When Harlow came into hart's care, he had been walking on a broken femur for about a week.   Without any pain control, Harlow was hyper sensitive to touch.  Harlow was in such pain he could barely move, he was irritable and had lost his appetite.  Think for a second how you would feel in this same situation? 

hart's vet partner at the General Veterinary Hospital worked diligently to make Harlow physically and emotionally comfortable.  They took a good look at what damage had been done to the leg so they could help Harlow.  Harlow underwent surgery to manually realign and reduce the fracture in his femur.  The femur was then plated to support it. 

Harlow is now a bionic dog.  Or at least he thinks he is.  His recovery is going very smoothly with his femur healing exceptionally well.  So well that Harlow wants to move and run and play and jump, which he is not yet supposed to be doing. 

The prognosis for Harlow is a pain-free, active life.  We are waiting until Harlow has a recheck on his leg before adoption, but that should be coming in the next couple of weeks.  

Harlow can't wait until he gets the ok to run his new bionic femur off. 

But, baby he was born to run.



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