My Name is Faith


My name is Faith. The day I was rescued was the best day of my life. Before I was rescued I spent all day looking for food but I could never find any. I had to start eating garbage so that my belly would stop hurting. I hear everyone saying that I shouldn't be so little at my age because I even have my adult teeth. I have no energy to lift my head, I try but I'm just too weak. My gums are white and everyone is worried that I have parvovirus. They told me that parvovirus has a 91% mortality rate in little puppies like me. Everyone that visits me at the vet clinic cries. I hear them saying that I'm too little and that I have to fight. I was rescued with another little girl just like me. Her name is Hope and she is fighting to live just like me. They named me Faith because they said it's the only thing that will save me now. I am doing my best to get better, have faith that I'll pull through.

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