New Years Resolution


Each year millions of people vow to make changes to better themselves on January 1.  Usually there are proclamations of "I will lose weight", "This year I will quit smoking" or "I will run my first marathon". 

We urge you to vow to improve yourself as a pet owner in 2013. 

  1. Make time for your dog.  This may mean rearranging your already busy schedule, but the wagging tail that you get in reward will remind you of what is important.
  2. Be a responsible dog owner.  Double check that your dog's ID tags are readable and secure, renew your dog's licence, make sure your dog has a check up scheduled at the vet, make sure your dog is groomed and cleaned and don't forgot to pack extra poop bags to that you clean up after your dog.
  3. Be appreciative of your dog.  Never miss an opportunity to send positive energy to your dog and thank him/her for good behavior. 
  4. Vow not to get mad at your dog for your management failures.  If your dog loves to counter surf and you leave your sandwich right on the edge so that she grabs and eats your lunch, you have contributed to this.  Think about how you can work with your dog to keep your sandwich safe next time. 
  5. Keep learning as a pet owner.  Observe and continue to learn about your dog.  Understanding your dog will enable you to be a better friend.
  6. Help a less fortunate dog at least once this year.  Remember that there are so many dogs out there struggling to survive.  A simple act of kindness from you this year could save a life.  All dogs should be as lucky as yours.  
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