Proud to be a Tripawd


That's right.  I recently became part of an exclusive club of dogs with three limbs.  Our mission is to bring awareness to Tripawd dogs and let people know that we are regular dogs, we are just better coordinated than most so we can everything on three legs rather than four. 

Dogs become part of this club for lots of different reasons.  Some lose their legs because of illnesses like cancer or because of an injury.  That's what happened to me.  When I was really little (cuz I am much older now) someone dropped me with so much force that my back leg broke.  I was really little and didn't know it wasn't supposed to hurt all the time so I just went about my puppy business dragging my back leg along with me. 

Then I met these people from hart who told me my leg shouldn't hurt and introduced me to my favorite veterinarian in the whole world.  She explained that the break was pretty bad.  We tried some therapy but I could get my circulation to work properly.  She let me know that I could be healthy, happy and pain free again and even better, I wouldn't have to drag my back leg along anymore. 

She was right.  I am living proof that Tripawds are extremely adaptable.  I don't even think about my back leg anymore because all it did was slow me down.  I am still recovering, but my Tripawd friends have let me know that I'll soon be running, playing, climbing stairs and chasing toys. 

My Tripawd friends have given me some advice to help too:

Keep a svelt figure - I should be on a healthy diet and get regular exercise because Tripawds can experience some difficulties if they are overweight

Pawdicures - I should have regular pawdicures and keep my pads in good shape because the three that I have will be carrying more weight

Watch where I walk - I should try to keep away from slippery surfaces so I don't lose my footing

I believe that I became a Tripawd for a reason and that is to teach people that we can live happy lives together with minimal adjustments to both of our lifestyles.  I feel pawsitive to have three legs…after all, most people only have two!

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