Rescue Dog Art: Part One

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Steffi was an unintended rescue. When hart volunteers were called out to Hobbema to rescue two female dogs and their litters, they met Steffi, a dog that knew a better life was out there and would not be left behind. During the rescue, Steffi actually jumped into the back of one of the volunteer's vehicles.  There was no denying that Steffi was in poor health, so with a smile on her face, Steffi drove off to a new life.  

Just a couple of days after her rescue, Steffi was diagnosed with distemper, an infectious and contagious viral disease that in dogs her age has a 50% mortality rate.  Steffi was cared for in quarantine for a few months by a committed team of hart volunteers before she was given a clean bill of health.  Along the way she gave birth to a healthy litter of puppies and won the hearts of the entire hart community. Without the commitment of the volunteer team responsible for her rescue and care, it is difficult to imagine that Steffi would have survived. Despite her difficult start in life, Steffi is an affectionate girl that can make anyone smile. Steffi was once a stray dog but now, Steffi is strong, healthy, and very happy with her new life.  

To help pay for Steffi's extensive medical bills a small painting initiative was created. Steffi began painting art and hart began selling it to the hart community. The response was not only positive, but led to a large hart art initiative. 

Dogs like Steffi who have incredible stories are able to contribute to the fundraising efforts of hart through their paw paintings. This initiative began as a way to pay for Steffi's medical bills and evolved into a permanent hart initiative. Patricia, the human artist, works with each rescue dog to create original art. Paintings range in size from tiny collectible ACEO cards to large pieces on stretched canvas.

Each piece of hart art is unique and created by a hart rescue dog. All of the proceeds go directly into giving stray and abandoned dogs a fresh start at a life filled with warmth and love.

Currently, hart art is sold at select hart events, retail locations, and online. hart paintings have been sold to art collectors as far as Borneo, France, and Australia. The paintings are also sold at various arts and crafts shows around Edmonton.

Stay tuned for another blog post that will illustrate how rescue dog art is created.


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