They looked into one another's eyes and realized they could not part.  They had waited so long to meet each other.  Someone to care for, someone they could love unconditionally, someone who completed them.  Along the way, they had considered settling but held out hope that their soul mate would come along.  They dreamed of their lives together. 

This isn't about when Henry met Sally, this is what happens when each of our rescue dogs meet their perfect match…and we are so happy to help them along the process.

I guess you could say that hart is the match maker for each of rescue dogs.  Just as people are fickle in picking a mate (well, most people anyway) we are fickle in picking furever families for our dogs. 

We post evolving profiles of our rescue dogs so that potential adoptive families can get a sense of personality and behavior characteristics. Of course the photos help too…and we can vouch that there are none of the doctored photos that you might find on a human dating site!  The adorable or striking dog that you see in the photos is the same adorable or striking dog that you will meet in person. 

First dates are so exciting in the dating game.  To make a good impression, both parties spiff themselves up, put on their best outfits and plan for a wonderful time together.  Through the date, the couple are independently wondering… Do we get along?  Do our lifestyles align?  And the big question, are we ready to commit to a long term relationship with each other? 

There are so many parallels between a human first date and the day visit stage of our adoption process.  Foster parents spruce up the rescue dog, grab a fresh leash and instruct the pooch to be on his/her best behavior.  Potential adoptive parents are tidying up the house, the children, the yard.  All of this to make the best impression possible. 

We are so happy when our multi-step adoption process brings us to a successful day visit.  When we as matchmakers are able to see the glint in the eye of an adoptive parent, the open and accepting body language of the rescue dog and the sigh of relief from the foster parent for finding a good match, we do the dance of joy. 

While some people cringe at the thought of a matchmaker getting involved in their love life, we know that our rescue dogs appreciate our efforts to find them the best possible furever friends.    We'll gladly pick up cupid's bow and arrow and play matchmaker for as many dogs as we can!

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