Rescue Dogs Vs. Used Cars


Isn't adopting a rescue dog like buying a used car?  When you buy a used car you are getting something broken, something that has outlived its usefulness.  With a used car you are getting someone else's problems so isn't it the same when you adopt a rescue dog??  This mind set makes us laugh because it so not true. There are lots of great used cars out there just as there are too many great rescue dogs looking for homes. 

Like buying a used car, when considering adopting a dog you need to do your research.  You need to figure out what works for you, what fits with your lifestyle, what your financial realities are and what your preferences are, but that is pretty much where the parallels in this mind set end. 

Rescue dogs are not broken.  They may come with some baggage, they may not be perfect, they may have some interesting stories to tell us if they could, but they are not heaps of junk or bad dogs.  They are sentient beings that deserve our love and respect. 

People often assume that a rescue dog will require an investment of time and energy for training purposes.  This is true.  Dogs who have been neglected, abandoned or abused will need socialization and training …but so will any dogs that can be purchased as brand new models.   All dogs need guidelines, leadership and exposure to new situations.  Regardless if the dog you are welcoming into your family is off the assembly line or from the gently used lot, as a responsible dog parent you will be committing this time and energy. 

What some of our adoptive parents are amazed with is the strength of the bond with their rescue dog.  We have often witnessed that rescue dogs are so appreciative of kindness and affection that they are eager to become part of their new loving pack.    

When you fill your home with a rescue dog (or more than one) you fill your home with love.  I know that I am biased because I have both used cars and rescue dogs in my life but I each and every one of you that read this can help us change the mindset that rescue dogs are broken and no good.

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