Holiday Safety Tips

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Many of the trimmings and treats that we look forward to over the holiday season can pose hazards to our canine companions.  With a few tips we can all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

  • Keep holiday decorations away from dogs.  Those gifts that are picture perfect under your tree are tempting chew toys for dogs.  Bows, ribbons and gift wrap can be a lot of fun for your dog to rip apart but they can damage their digestive systems. 
  • Before you decorate your house with seasonal plants, be aware that some can be poisonous to your pooch if nibbled or eaten.  Ivy, holly, pointsettias and mistletoe should be kept out of reach of your dogs.
  • We normally consume more candy and chocolate treats during the season but make sure you are not sharing with your dog.  Chocolate can be toxic, so can some common sweeteners and then there is also the individual wrapping.  These are a bad combination for your pooch so ensure treats are out of reach of hungry dogs. 
  • During holiday festivities, think about how your dog does with crowds.  Some dogs may thrive on being in the centre of your holiday parties, but if your dog is not comfortable, ensure that he/she has an out of the way place to calm down when the excitement of the party becomes too much. 
  • Candles and dog tails equal Christmas disaster.  Do not leave candles unattended as they can accidently be knocked over spilling wax or even starting a fire. 
  • As you are cooking up a storm for the holidays be aware that rich foods can cause stomach upset in your canine.  Remember that dogs have an exceptional sense of smell so juices, cooking strings or plastic wrap placed in the garbage can be very enticing.  While they may taste good going in, these can cause intestinal obstructions.  Pet proof your garbage and your recycle containers to keep your pooch out. 

We wish you all the best this holiday season. 

The gift of time spent your dog will be the best gift of all!


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