Santa's Little Helper

santas little helper.jpg

Christmas is a time for family's to gather.   

Christmas is a time for people to help one another. 

Christmas is a time for reflection. 

And Christmas is also a time of gift giving. 

In the spirit of Christmas, our hart elves would like to help with some ideas.  When you give a hart gift you are also giving the gift of new beginnings to dogs in need. 

Do you have someone hard to buy for on your list?  Have you thought about these gift ideas? 

  • Maybe you could sponsor a dog for a friend or family member?
  • Nothing says I love you like a one of a kind paw painting  !   
  • Any dog that goes walking needs a pooper scooper, how about a snazzy custom hart poop bag holder
  • They say jewelry sales pick up in December, what about this pewter hart charm bracelet
  • If you think your dog is a sweetie, how about some tasty treats from Bear Dog Café? 
  • Any new arrivals?  Let's get them supporting hart in their infancy with this infant bodysuit?
  • Everyone gets groceries, how about an environmentally friendly tote bag?


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